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Dr. Abdullah Olgun

Dr. Olgun is a professor and founding dean of pharmacology at Istinye University, Istanbul. He completed his MD and with emphasis on clinical biochemistry at G├╝lhane Military Medical University. He has studied the molecular mechanisms of aging by using cellular senescence and C. elegans models in Huffington Center on Aging Baylor College of Medicine Houston USA and completed a Ph.D in pharmaceutical botany. He worked as a laboratory supervisor in various public and private hospitals, and founded one. He has developed patented and commercialized products within the R & D company of which he is a founding partner in Antalya Technopolis. His interest in deuterium started when he became aware of the high natural abundance of deuterium and its concentrations in living organisms. In 2007 he published his pivotal findings that show how deuterium damages ATP synthase nanomotors. He has numerous international and national publications and book editing, with over 500 citations, most of them being in the field aging.