Deuterium Depletion Summit 2021

1st Annual Deuterium Depletion Summit

Bringing together brilliant diverse minds in science, medicine, technology, and beyond for the most inspired and informed conversations in Deutenomics and health optimization.

A big thanks to all viewers and presenters for making the live Deuterium Depletion Summit on 2/27 a big success. You can watch the full 10+ hour summit by purchasing it below.

5 Reasons to Attend

  • Learn how deuterium depletion can change your life.
  • Extend your knowledge of deutenomics, the science of deuterium depletion.
  • Increase your awareness of this important discovery.
  • Empower yourself with the tools to achieve optimal health.
  • Access the brightest minds in health science.

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Summit Sessions

# Session
1 Robert Slovak
Introduction To Deuterium
2 Victor Sagalovsky
History And Future Of Deuterium
3 Dr. Abdullah Olgun
Deuteronation And Aging
4 Anton Chernopiatko
The Link Between Deuterium And Depression Susceptibility
5 Dr. Petra Dorfsman
Clinical Experience & Protocols
6 Dr. Laszlo Boros
Positioning Deutenomics Within Biochemistry And Translational Medicine
7 Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Deuterium, Glyphosate And Viruses
8 Thomas Seyfried
Cancer as a Metabolic Disease
8 Tyler LeBaron
The Science, Use And Potential of Molecular Hydrogen
10 Dr. Chris Shade
How to Make Mitochondria Shine. Latest Interventions For Mitochondrial And Metabolic Flexibility and mitobiogenesis
11 Roundtable Discussion On Deuterium Depletion With All Summit Speakers

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